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Rydal Mount
Retreat Centre

Accommodation for a group
of up to 26 people



Rydal Mount Retreat Centre has a group residential facility in the village of Rydal, the Rydal Mount Retreat Centre. For more information on this property, click the pictures above.

For information about the village of Rydal, and how to get there, keep scrolling down this page.

Phone Ricananda and Jaiananda on 0415 543473 to make a reservation or obtain more information. You can email info@rydalmount.com.au

For the comfort of the majority of people who stay on this property, please note that we have a policy of no pets and no smoking in the rooms.

How to get to Rydal
The heritage village of Rydal is located just west of the Blue Mountains - 25 minutes west of Mount Victoria, 15 minutes from Lithgow, 45 minutes east of Bathurst. It is off the highway, but accessed by sealed roads. It is in a lovely little valley with rural, farmland countryside.

Rydal is on the Main Western Railway Line. There is an XPT train each day from Sydney which arrives in Rydal just before 10 am. The XPT passes through Rydal at 6 pm each evening for Sydney. Booked seats are necessary on the XPT's. For train reservations book here or call 132232


The Village of Rydal
Rydal has about forty houses and a population of about eighty. More people live on surrounding farm properties. There is a hotel and two churches, but no shops. The nearest shops are at Wallerawang about ten minutes drive away.

The weather
Rydal is right on top of the Great Dividing Range with an altitude of nearly 1,000 metres (about the same as Mount Victoria). Winters can be very cold. It sometimes snows. Make sure you have warm clothes with you. We can get cool weather at any time of the year. It is rarely very hot and never humid. We usually have cool nights.

Our Heritage
Rydal was on the road built by Major Thomas Mitchell between Mount Victoria and Bathurst in the 1830s. The village was given the name Rydal in 1843 by Governor George Gipps in honour of the poet William Wordsworth who lived in the Village of Rydal in England (in a house called Rydal Mount). Appropriately these days we grow a lot of daffodils and in September each year we celebrate “Daffodils at Rydal”

On 1 July 1871 the first steam train arrived in Rydal and for a while it was the terminus of the Western Line. People traveling to the west came by train from Sydney to Rydal and then by Cobb and Co coach to towns like Bathurst, Orange, Wellington and Forbes. The gold and farm produce of western NSW was loaded on the train for Sydney. Rydal then had eight hotels, five blacksmiths and five stores and was probably the busiest railway station in the State after Central. In later years and until the introduction of motor coaches, people wishing to visit Jenolan Caves came to Rydal by train, then by horse-drawn vehicle to the Caves . Today Rydal is a quiet and sleepy hamlet.


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